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OMG! Did everyone hear??? Goog...

OMG! Did everyone hear??? Google is flagging the ENTIRE Internet as malware!!! Be sure to retweet to ALL your friends over

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Friday, January 30, 2009 Charlie Mad:

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[flickr album=72157608716855297 num=20 size=Large]

Charlie Mad started out life as a blank Mini Munny from Kid Robot. I bought him, opened the box and found some horrible person had already done the same thing, only they'd managed to break his arm off before putting him back in the box.


However, rather than taking him back to the store, I thought I'd use it as a design element. I was thinking about doing a piece about anger, so I decided he'd had his arm lopped off by someone. The bat was taken up as a revenge tool and I'm not sure where I got the black frame for his face--it started in my head as built-in running lines. I added the wonky shirt stripe for irony.

Sorry I don't have any progress shots. For some reason I didn't take any. I just sort of blew through this one almost in one sitting. Go figure.

Check out the Flickrset here:

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ORGUSS 02 (1993)

Anime Friday returns with the final installment of my Macross-related anime reviews! (I'm sure you're so excited!) I've watched and Pocket-Reviewed everything even tangentially related to Macross (assuming it was in Japanese) and it's been a lot of fun (and painful at times). Orguss 02 is a sequel series to Super Dimensional Century Orguss, which shared the "Super Dimensional" moniker with Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and, aside from the lead character having dated a character in the original Macross, that's exactly it. Hey, I said they were tangentially related :)

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Positive Experience/Entertaining? It was entertaining, but I can't say I ultimately cared for it.

Technically any good? The animation designs were OK, though unlike the original Orguss (which was much more pleasing to the eye). The mecha was kind of boring and ultimately unremarkable. The story was less about a continuation of the original series and more a story that takes place in the same universe. Yes, there were direct connections to the original series, but they felt contrived and unnecessary. They almost felt like they were stapled onto a pre-existing, unrelated story, just to flesh it out more.

How did it leave me feeling? Pretty disappointed. If properly developed the story at the core of this miniseries could have made for a good show. Instead it gets diluted with elements from its predecessor. Frankly, those were the bits I liked the most. Ultimately, this shows you that the Japanese are more like us than some Westerners may think--this sequel seems like it was thrown together just to capitalize on any success the original Orguss may have experienced rather than coming up with a good story for a sequel. This was very disappointing since I adore the original Orguss quite a bit.

Final Rating? NFI - NetFlix It - if you are a Macross or Orguss purist, but that's it. Don't bother otherwise. :( Sorry, there's just too many really good anime titles to see before you sit through something like this.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

MAXED OUT (2006)

Documentary Thursday brings you my Pocket Review of Maxed Out a documentary/opiniomentary about the credit crisis that contributed to the economic crisis we're experiencing in America right now. Like In Debt We Trust, this movie came out in 2006 and points out many of the problems that functioned as serious indicators of the rough road we're currently traveling on. It's a shame more people don't watch documentaries! Ah well. On with the review:

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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely. This documentary was more in-depth regarding the nuts-and-bolts of the credit industry than any docu I've seen to date.

Technically any good? This movie is definitely slanted against the credit industry, though based on the facts it presents, I wonder how you could make a pro-credit industry docu without lying your ass off. Regardless, this film talks to both the prey and the predators involved in the credit industry and shows you how both sides function. Most disturbing is seeing how much money the predators can make and how they rationalize taking horrible advantage of people's trust--or complete lack of intelligence--the film introduces us to one mentally handicapped man who was given a loan. Yep, there are people so corrupt that they will give a man almost incapable of signing his own name.

Needless to say, this film makes a powerful case for a serious reformation of the credit industry.

Final Rating? GSN - Go See Now - this film is something every American should watch. We are being preyed upon by this industry and it's wrong.

Full disclosure time: I was illegally sued for back debt I didn't owe and lost the case. The law is useless if you have a judge who won't see that it is enforced and if you can't afford a lawyer, that doesn't help either.

So, I might be a little biased in my review of this film. Then again, I think it's justified.

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Liked "Lights Out - TIME" http...

Liked "Lights Out - TIME"

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Washington Finally Interested in Helping We, The People... imagine that!

In a January 28, 2009 article at, CNNMoney reporter David
Goldman reported on the US House passing an $819 billion stimulus bill that included a
buttload of money for us poor folks. Now, there are a couple of
things to note, here.
First off, do you wonder why the bill that helps the poor folks out is
coming now, after the corporations and the banks have already gotten
their bailouts?
I looked at that headline and had to stop myself from shaking my head
and worrying about inflation. Instinctively, I wanted to say "more
money injected into the system which will drive down the value of the
money already in the system."
The thing is, we've already seen well over a trillion dollars injected
into the US economy in the past six months or so--possibly more than
two trillion--it's hard to keep track. The value of the American
dollar is fucked already, might as well pretend we have money--after
all, it's only fair that finally, we, the regular folks, get our turn
at the pot.
Why do I think we won't be seeing checks proportionate to what the
banks and corporations have gotten? Regardless, you have to wonder
why We, The People of the United States of America are third in line
of economic importance behind the banks and the corporations.
It's more evidence proving that our government doesn't give two shits
about the people they're supposed to represent. Why do we not get our
bailout before these businesses and banks?
Aren't we more important than them?
Don't they exist, like our government, to serve us?
Apparently, not.
Secondly, you have to wonder why precisely NO REPUBLICANS voted for this bill.
To paraphrase Kanye West: Republicans to do not care about poor people.
I mean, seriously, Republicans--do you understand
reality? We voted you assholes out of office. You
had your asses handed to you in the last election. 8 million
more people wanted the Democrats' guy over your guy and you guys are
retarded enough to vote against a bill that helps the regular people
who voted against you?
Of course, we only get our bailout checks because we voted Obama into
office. This is his thank you gift to us. Our payoff, if you will.
He knows he's got to give us SOMEthing or we'll revolt.
The thing that's the most frustrating is just how illogical our
"leaders" in Washington are behaving.
Jon Stewart asked, on Tuesday's Daily Show, why not give us
the money and let us pay off the loans we've defaulted on, rather than
have the USG buy up all the bad debt? Give us the money so we'll
directly spend it on the economy rather than giving the money to the
greedy bastards who caused all this trouble in the first place?
It's fucking frightening when the only sane voice in the room comes
from a basic cable TV comedy news show host.
What the fuck, America?
We elected Obama, but now what?
Are we going to let ourselves be seduced by hope? Or are we going to
demand actual leadership from our elected politicians in
Change may have come to America, but Washington is still filled with
dipshits and morons who are happy to trade oral sex acts with the
economic powerhouses that put them in office.
And that Blagojevich guy is getting impeached for being honest about
trying to sell the Illinois senate seat. Seems hypocritical when we
all know how our government is up for sale.
How else do you explain us normal folks seeing our bailout checks last?

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ThePete, Siskita & Jay ThePal on the Hucklebug Part 2 (TheVlog for 20090129)

Yesterday, I posted part one of highlights of the video we shot of us recording our appearance on the Hucklebug podcast. The footage starts me (ThePete), Siskita and Jay ThePal and does contain profanity. The video is definitely rated PG-13. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. :P

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If you have any trouble with the Flash player above, here's the mp4 link from my feed:

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ThePete's iPhone Page 2 20090125

Check out for an explanation of this pic. Thanks!

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Gotta love the average smartph...

Gotta love the average smartphone's ability to allow me to check reviews of products while I'm in the store looking at them :)

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SOLARIS (2002)

Buy it!

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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Sadly, no. While I can say that this remake of the 1972 original is a more entertaining film than the original, I can't say it was entertaining.

Technically any good? The characters were vaguely drawn and nothing they did made me care about them one way or the other. The relationship Clooney's character has with his wife is boring and unspecial and, as you watch, you wonder why they were together at all. FX-wise it was amazing--great space footage, but sadly, that's all there is to like about this film. It is nice to see Clooney in a scifi setting, but that's not enough to make this a scifi film worth seeing.

How did it leave me feeling? Disappointed. I used to be a fan of director Steven Soderbergh's but after seeing this and The Limey I can't help but wonder where the mind-bending stuff he did in Schizopolis went. Is Out of Sight even worth Netflixing?

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See - I was really hoping for something mind-bending, but all I got was a very predictable (even if you haven't seen the original) 99-minute episode of The Twilight Zone. The thing is, Rod Serling could have made this premise work really well in a 30-minute structure. A movie just seems a bit much for this premise. (SPOILER ALERT: If you've seen Forbidden Planet you've seen a more dynamic and entertaining interpretation of the premise of Solaris.)

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ThePete, Siskita & Jay ThePal on the Hucklebug Part 1 (TheVlog for 20090128)

Last week, myself, Siskita and Jay ThePal had the distinct honor of being guests on the Hucklebug podcast. It was very cool and very fun and since one of us was a puppet, we thought it would be a good idea to shoot video of us since the Hucklebug is audio-only. Here is the first batch of highlights from the 34 minutes of footage we recorded while Skyping with Bet & Stennie, hosts of the Hucklebug, from Bethesda, Maryland, on the eve of the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.

Check out Episode 131 of the Hucklebug podcast at to hear the finished product!

I'll be posting part two of our batch of highlights tomorrow.

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Didn't a portable version of o...

Didn't a portable version of one of those things kill Godzilla once? "Godzilla Vs. Super X Divertor" was the... re:

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A file has been added to the d...

A file has been added to the drop thepetecom.

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Jailbroken iPhone Warnings for January 27, 2009

So far, since Jailbreaking my iPhone many moons ago, I have run into very few problems with my choice to do so. I don't miss the original firmware and it turns out I have, not one, but two apps that provide the coveted "cut & paste" function that Apple idiotically left out of their Jesus-phone. Likewise since I unlocked my iPhone back on January 1, 2009. I did have a few bumps finding an alternative data plan from AT&T's, but I'm happy with T-Mobile now and spending about $20 less a month than I was with AT&T is pretty cool. All this said, I've recently come across a couple of problems with the Jailbroken, unlocked iPhone that I think my fellow JBUiPhone-users should know about:

1) iPhone dev-team member MuscleNerd Twittered just today about the possibility of silent update that plugs the hole yellowsn0w unlock uses to get in. MuscleNerd also says: "definitely don't update to 2.2.1_5H11 if you want to retain soft unlock / yellowsn0w :)" So hold off on any updates to your iPhone's firmware until further notice. Check out for that further notice. Personally, I'll never update the FW on my iPhone just cuz.

But don't assume you are safe to update your Mac's OS if you have a JBUed iPhone:

2) My fellow XO laptop owner friend Donna posted a comment to my last iPhone-related post about an issue where updating your Mac OS after JBing your iPhone may lock-up said Mac. She links to a Gizmodo story that informs us that we should:
Be careful with that latest QuickTime update if you have run any "DFU fix" Automator scripts on your unibody (Late 2008) MacBook or MacBook Pro. Do not upgrade to QuickTime 7.6 until you've repaired the alterations that the script made to your system. UPDATE: I am learning from commenters that this is not just limited to unibody Late '08 MacBooks, but it applies to ALL MacBooks running 10.5.6.
Seems if you've got a Mac running 10.5.6 and want to JB your phone, you may be stuck. Lucky for me, I'm still running 10.5.5 and see no reason to update. I'm also running Quicktime 7.5.5 so I'm covered there, too. In fact, after reading this, I think I'll just stay away from updating iTunes, too.

Thanks for the heads-up, Donna!

3) Finally, I'd like to point something out that I noticed myself just last night. I updated the JB app Backgrounder to the latest version (I think it's svn.r125) and ran into weird trouble. What Backgrounder does is allow apps to run in the background so you can surf the web or read email while you're waiting for a pal on your IM buddylist to reply to your instant message. It's a great app, but after I updated to the latest version last night, I found that I suddenly couldn't open any apps without locking the screen first. So, I'd tap the "email" app icon and it would just gray-out a bit. I'd have to press and hold the power button until it asked if I wanted to power-off. Then I tap "cancel", then hit the home button and unlock the screen and finally, I see the email app. This is the same for any app I try to open. Once I uninstalled Backgrounder, everything runs as it should. Sadly, I don't have Backgrounder anymore and it was a very handy app, to have. :(

So, there you have it! Be warned! Don't update ANYthing (firmware, OS, or even your apps) unless there is obviously a problem with them. I suppose if you really feel compelled to update, do your research first to make sure the updates are safe.

Don't be a good little Apple consumer and eat whatever they put on your plate. Sometimes it's bad for you.

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Buy it!

Watch it now!
Watch it free at
Positive Experience/Entertaining? Well, as a fan of cheesy movies, it was juuust barely a positive experience. Entertaining might be overstating it, however. More, amusing (at times).

Technically any good? Well, it was directed by Roger Corman, so that's debatable. However, the movie did hint at the comic talents we'd see on display in Little Shop of Horrors, which was nice. The script is campy and silly and there's not much else to say about the movie. The acting is hit and miss, though it doesn't matter since this is one of Corman's more campy creations.

How did it leave me feeling? I guess it left me feeling satisfied that I'd accidentally stumbled across a Corman film I'd never seen or heard anything about. It was pretty crappy over all and would only recommend it to Corman Completists and since I'm not one, myself, I can't really recommend it--even to the MST fans in the audience.

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See. This film will never (rightfully) see the moniker of "classic" Corman. It's mildly amusing and that's about it. I'd love to see it remade though--the premise of a guy getting rich off of a monster hoax that turns out to not be a hoax during the Cuban revolution is actually kind of interesting to me.


Monday, January 26, 2009

John Conyers Subpoena's Karl Rove??? Holy Crap! We're Not on Bizarro World Anymore!

A world where crimes are investigated properly?  A planet where bad people are dealt with?  An Earth where George W. Bush faces war crimes charges?

We're not quite back to that Earth, but it seems, at least, like we're leaving the Bizarro World of the Bush Regime, behind (Busharro World?).

Today, amazingly enough, John Conyers subpoenaed Karl Rove .  According to a January 26, 2009 article from (see screencap above) Representative Conyers:

...has subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove to testify about the Bush administration's firing of U.S. attorneys.

Ohhh, bummin'.  It's just about the possibly illegal firing of US attorneys and not anything like betraying the public trust, or violating international law, or even breaking the FISA law.  The nice thing about this, however, is pointed out in the AP article:

The subpoena Monday by Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers continues a long-running legal battle. Rove previously refused to appear before the panel, contending that former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.

If the government fails to get Rove to show up THIS time, it'll be painfully obvious that we're still back on Bizarro World.  In America, no one is supposed to be above the law.  Yet, if Rove can avoid testifying, well, that'll put several people right up there, above the law.  So, it'll be nice and obvious if it happens.

I am not so pessimistic, however.  Conyers wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post that he posted on his website.  In it he talks about "Why We Have To Look Back." It's a pretty uplifting read for those of us who believe the law should be enforced.  Here's my favorite bit:

Only by chronicling and confronting the past in a comprehensive, bipartisan fashion can we reclaim our moral authority and establish a credible path forward to meet the complex challenges of a post-Sept. 11 world.

Pretty cool, huh?  Seems Conyers understands the value of learning from history--even recent history.  This is good.  However, he has let us down in the past.  John Conyers' voice was one of the strongest calling for the i-word (impeachment) for Bush and pals, yet he let politics get to him and took impeachment off of the table when Nancy told him to.

So, while I'm hopeful, I'm not blind.  I still think politicians would rather keep their jobs than do the right thing.  

I hope Conyers is different.

On a side note, I love how, in that screencap of the AP article, Google News throws up the map of where Washington DC is.  I suppose that's useful to someone who doesn't have Google. 

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LIMEY (1999)

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Positive Experience/Entertaining? Terence Stamp is always fun to watch, even when I don't like his choices, so, yeah, in a sense this movie was entertaining, though the whole thing falls a pretty flat.

Technically any good? The premise is simple enough, but the director manages to play around a bit too much with structure to the point where it's downright distracting as hell. I found the script to be a bit wandering and virtually none of the characters to be likable or even resonant. I also felt that Stamp's performance felt forced. I guess you could say I just didn't care for this movie (DO YA THINK?). I suppose on a strictly technical level it holds together, but when an audience member doesn't give a crap about the characters or the story, there must be something wrong with it on a technical level.

How did it leave me feeling? A big fat "meh." I'd like to see this film remade as a gritty, noir thriller without the structural weirdness and with a more intricate mystery to solve. The Limey unfolds like the most boring origami ever.

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See unless you're just a huge fan of Stamp or Soderbergh. I thought I was both, but I'm starting to wonder about Soderbergh. Again, this movie was a big fat "meh" for me.

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Translation: See Ya Kitty!

Ja Ne Neko, as a project, came about when I was in an Urban Outfitters and spotted a beaten up, unboxed Hello Kitty covered in pastel-colored hearts. She had been marked down to $3 so I figured I'd take her home, give it a few coats of primer and then see what I could do with her.

As you can see in the early shots, she started out a but more sexually oriented but then I decided to go the Clockwork Orange route (got the idea from a Kylie Minogue video). :) I'm happy with the results, though I wish I had a lighter gray to work with--perhaps that's a limitation of working with permanent marker.

Check out my Flickrset for "Ja Ne Neko" or keep reading for more pics and details about this piece:

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ThePete's iPhone Page 1 20090125

Here's page 1 on my iPhone. I have the first page blank so I can show off my wallpaper easily. Right now, it's an Obamicon of Jay ThePal. In my dock I've got my phone icon, mail, Safari then Cycorder (for local video recording and storage) and then the iPod icon. FYI once my videos are shot in Cycorder I use MobileFinder to move the clips into another directory where I can then use MF to email them. Its a shame I can't use PixelPipe like I am for this post. Page 2 of my iPhone home screen tomorrow.

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is the home of new comics from ThePete (me). None are ready for posting, but I wanted to have something up to prove I was serious.

Check out my older webcomic series Ballpoint Adventures by going here:

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Facebook Ad Wants Me to be Thankful for Bush--Now THAT'S Offensive!

The one thing about Facebook I really like: they let you tell them
when you think an ad on their site is offensive to you. This one fits
the bill!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Obama Watch Begins

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson, who is probably my favorite founding father, is believed to have said this and whether he did or not, it's the Truth.
That's right, upper-case "T" Truth.
Just because we have a Democrat and a black guy in the White House
does not mean racism is gone, the world loves us and Big Brother is
now your kids' cool uncle.
Just because Bill Clinton left office with poll numbers so big they'd
make John Holmes blush doesn't mean Slick Willy didn't earn his nickname.
While George W. Bush created the economic mess by failing to provide
moral principles and strong, positive leadership, it was Clinton (who
was no stranger to lax morals) set "W" up for some of the troubles he
would see before his reign in the White House was over.
Clinton messed up in Somalia.
Clinton (in my opinion) waited too long to get involved in the
Serbia/Bosnia mess.
I'm also rolling my eyes at Milosevic's all-too-timely death just before he was going to testify in his own war crimes
There's also a question of what Clinton knew about the CIA's use of an airstrip in Mena, Arkansas while he was governor of that state.
Of course, I wasn't paying attention back then like I should have
been--like we all should always be.
If we don't watch the edges of our freedom, there is no way we'll
notice them shrinking.
If We, The People, don't watch our government and make sure they don't
knock those edges back several feet, we may not notice our freedoms
are gone until we discover they're long gone.
Barack Obama may very well be the good man that so many think he is.
However, he is still part of a system that encourages bribery,
corporate-favoritism and the exchange of morals for security.
So, as President Obama does a lot of things right (like signing the order to close the detention center at Gitmo), we can't sit
back and expect him to be even close to the perfect leader.
Will he make sure that George W. Bush is prosecuted
for his crimes?
Will he allow the government to spy on American citizens on American soil as Bush did?
It looks like he plans to follow through on his plans to withdraw from Iraq but how long will it take and will it be as
quick a withdrawal as even Iraq seems to be ready for?
Every one of us must keep an eye on things since our mainstream media
has proven they aren't up to the task. Don't listen to them when they
tell you they did their best because they did not. The media is the
fourth branch of government. It's not connected directly to it so it
can move without interference from the rest of the government.
Without it telling us accurately what our leaders are up to, we are on
our own to determine just what the hell is going on so we know who we
should vote for. Since they are not doing that, we must do it
Like Jefferson is said to have said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
I for one will be keeping my eye on things.
But don't trust me to be perfect either. We all need to watch, read,
absorb and think for ourselves. None of us are perfect on our own.
Together, that's another story.

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@ApexBookCompany haha, I don't...

@ApexBookCompany haha, I don't know if *that* Batman can! Also, you'd think he'd have fueled up back at the Batcave. How embarrassing!

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Indeed--how do you spot them? ...

Indeed--how do you spot them? re:

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ThePete's Washington DC Trip Day 3! (TheVlog 20090120)

iPhone edition!!

Here is the best of the footage we shot on my Jailbroken, unlocked iPhone:

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

I couldn't livestream because they were using cell jammers, apparently. :(

Orignal From: ThePete's Washington DC Trip Day 3! (TheVlog 20090120)

Our DC Trip Flickrset is UP

20090118 DC Trip kodak34, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

Siskita and I took a stack of pics and posted them all to Flickr. Check 'em out now here:

I'll be adding more pics from Siskita's stream since they're of me or were taken by me, but in the meantime, you can check them out for yourself here:

I'd say for videos, check out my YouTube page, except they yanked one of my vlog posts for no actual reason. So, just check out instead. :)

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On our way in to DC!

On our way in to DC!, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

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Live Stream from DC During Inauguration Day

OK, now, I can't promise anything--I'm just a guy with a hacked iPhone. :) I'm using a T-Mobile data plan and have successfully streamed before. However, as with AT&T I've also had trouble streaming, too. We'll see how it goes and I'll do my best to show you as much as I can. Below is the Mogulus live window. If you have trouble viewing it, or want to see more clips, visit where all of my streams will be archived. You can also scroll down and watch TheVlog from the past couple of days or check out my Flickrstream for pics we've been taken: You can also check out Siskita's pics here: OK, here's the Mogulus embed--let's hope it works:

Orignal From: Live Stream from DC During Inauguration Day

DC Inauguration Trip Day 2 ThePete, Siskita & Jay in DC!

OK, here's Day 2! Please tune back into later today where I will attempt a live streaming video of everyone's cheers from where ever the hell we'll be in DC when Obama takes the oath of office :)

But here's TheVlog for 20090119:

If you have trouble viewing, try this link:

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Monday, January 19, 2009

@MariAdkins you got the refere...

@MariAdkins you got the reference!! :) I'm such an 80s kid--I love that old "Metro" song.

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My Commemorative Barack Obama Metro Card

So far, it's the only thing Obamish I've bought.

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Jay the Pal at Lincoln the Memorial

Orignal From: Jay the Pal at Lincoln the Memorial

ThePete, Siskita and Jay the Pal in DC Day 1 (TheVlog for 20090118)

If the above embed doesn't work, go here:

Orignal From: ThePete, Siskita and Jay the Pal in DC Day 1 (TheVlog for 20090118)

Waiting for the Metro-oh-oh!

Waiting for the Metro-oh-oh!, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet Jay thepete's new pal!

Meet Jay thepete's new pal!, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

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Waiting for food at this Cosi ...

Waiting for food at this Cosi in Bethesda. Nice to be sitting, comfortable and WARM. Not that DC isn't way cool.

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ThePete and Siskita heading back to Bethesda on the Metro

The DC Metro is so different from the NYC subway--it seats more, it's

a smoother ride but also costs more. You can also tell the difference


Orignal From: ThePete and Siskita heading back to Bethesda on the Metro

Sikita and ThePete on the Hill at Night

It's when all the scary laws are passed.

Orignal From: Sikita and ThePete on the Hill at Night

ThePete and Siskita on the Mall in DC!

Despite my lack of confidence in our leaders, being in this city makes

me want to believe...

Orignal From: ThePete and Siskita on the Mall in DC!

Jay the muppet visits DC!! It's the Capitol Bldg!

Orignal From: Jay the muppet visits DC!! It's the Capitol Bldg!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Siskita and The M... Siskita and The Me on the Bus Almost to DC:

Orignal From: Siskita and The M...

Siskita and The Me on the Bus Almost to DC

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Celebrate the End of Bush with a NO MORE BUSH Thong!

As TheWife and I go down to DC to celebrate what many are calling "the end of an error" I thought it would be a good time to showcase some items I whipped up back in 2004 in the build-up to the last election.  Now that Bush is going to leave the White House for good (we assume), these products seem even more appropriate!  The bestselling item, understandably has been the "NO MORE BUSH" thong.

And what better way to say good-bye to the worst leader America has ever suffered than by getting rid of your own, uhhhh, well, you know...

At the NoBush Cafepress store ( ) you'll find more than just the NO MORE BUSH thong--you'll also find NO MORE BUSH T-shirts, NO MORE BUSH buttons, NO MORE BUSH posters and even a NO MORE BUSH teddy bear, all announcing the phrase we've all been quietly muttering to ourselves for the past eight years and are now happy to yell at the top of our lungs and mean it:


So, check them out and if you can afford to pick up one of them up, please do!  The profits go to keeping up and running.  Thanks!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

@Andrew_Taylor I have an iPhon...

@Andrew_Taylor I have an iPhone with no data plan because I canceled my AT&T service. Hate them & wasn't using my voice minutes.

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Buy it!
Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely entertaining--the original Macross was never quite this intense (or well animated).

Technically any good? As is often the case with anime, the voice acting is very solid. As is NOT often the case with Macross the animation is SUPERB. The mix between CG and cell animation works nearly seamlessly. The real surprise here is how detailed the flight sequences are. The cinematography will blow you away and you really get a sense of how these transforming fightercraft are piloted. Seriously--some of the dog-fighting sequences are better than anything else I've seen in any anime or live-action movies.

However, as a prequel to the original Macross, it makes very little sense. We see a familiar character and the mecha are identical but, aside from the story being set toward the end of the Unification Wars, there's virtually nothing tying this show to the Macross universe. I suppose the "bird-men" in this end up being the Vajra in Macross Frontier? It's not terribly clear.

How did it leave me feeling? Generally satisfied--while I don't think it fits well within the Macross universe, it's MUCH better than Macross Plus and stands on its own as a pretty good little anime. The ending is definitely intense, though there is a hook at the end that makes you ask "Whaaaa?"

Final Rating? SIYL - See If You Like. If you're a Macross completist like me, it's definitely worth checking out. If you're just interested in checking out some sweet animation, some great dogfight sequences and some reasonably nice character development, it's worth it, too. But this anime won't change the world.

For anyone keeping track, this is the second-to-last in a long series of Macross-related reviews I've been posting over the last few months. Next week will be the last review, where I cover Orguss 02, the sequel to Super Dimensional Century Orguss, one of two anime series that shared the "Super Dimensional" moniker with the original Super Dimensional Fortress Macross.

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Can You Guess What UPS is Scheduled to Bring Us Today? (Hint: MUPPETS!)

OK, I gave it away, but look at this invoice from FAO Schwartz!! Isn't it

the coolest invoice you've ever seen???

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

@MariAdkins This, a good quest...

@MariAdkins This, a good question. I have a feeling we're all going to lose more than our tonsils in the time to come...Mr. Pessimist here.

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Obama Suggests He May Not Enforce the Law on Bush

Click here to download: (836 KB)

This is pretty damn disappointing.  I've documented on more than one occasion how George W. Bush and/or his administration has violated the law (here: here: and here: ) and have been incredibly disappointed in Congress for not impeaching Bush.  His violations of the law are as clear as day if you just look.

Now it looks like President Obama will carry on the tradition of ignoring Bush's crimes against the law, the Constitution and, really, humanity in general. reported this in the headlines of their January 12, 2008 show (original here: or check out the excerpted video attached to this post):

Obama Suggests No Prosecution for Bush Admin Crimes

During the same interview, Obama was asked if he will appoint a special prosecutor to independently investigate the crimes of the Bush administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping.

President-elect Barack Obama: "We're still evaluating how we are going to approach the whole issue of interrogations, detentions, and so forth. And obviously we're going to be looking at past practices. And I don't believe that anybody is above the law. On the other hand, I also have a belief that we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards… My orientation is going to be moving forward."

This is such a bad idea it's astounding.

The only reason I can think of for him to do this is that he is protecting his own future.  In other words, if he doesn't want to prosecute Bush for his crimes, it may mean that he wants to protect himself from prosecution for his own future actions.

Remember how, just before the Iraq Attack, the US didn't want any part of that international criminal court thing only to go on to invade Iraq and get caught torturing people?

Yeah, it's like that.

Sure, Obama may just want to avoid causing trouble.  But in that sense, he's lame, as well, since he got voted into office on a wave of 8 million more people who liked him better than McCain.  This is a mandate.  He can do whatever he wants and he's choosing to emphasize the future, rather than the law.  Without our laws, do we even have a future?  Without our laws should we even have a future?

I've never been sure whether America is said to be a country of laws or of men--but one thing is for sure, if Bush gets away with his crimes, America will be a country of neither.

If Bush gets away with his crimes, America will be a country of royalty and of peasants.

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CHICAGO 10 (2007)

Buy it!
Positive Experience/Entertaining? I would say YES. However, it's a very jarring, sometimes depressing film, so don't expect it to be a "feel good" kind of movie.

Technically any good? While the CG animation was kind of weak, everything else about the documentary was awesome. The voice acting was solid (the late :( Roy Scheider puts in an impressive performance as the judge). Over all the film does a wonderful job of mixing historical footage, audio, animation (CG, traditional and Flash) to make a compelling documentary about a short, but important time period in American history. Some of the facts they present in this movie really made me mad.

How did it leave me feeling? Mad.


It left me wondering why 20 century American history was entirely ignored in my history class. It seems like there's a whole lot to learn from just the trial these people in Chicago went through.

Final Rating? GSN - GO SEE NOW - Netflix it, rent it, find it, watch it. This is HISTORY and it's particularly topical these days.

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@siskita yay! I hope it went w...

@siskita yay! I hope it went well! I love you!

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The Real Folk Blues by The Sea...

The Real Folk Blues by The Seatbelts

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Have You Got It In You? by Imo...

Have You Got It In You? by Imogen Heap

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fixing Your MBR After Ubuntu Overwrites It and more Fun with Installing Ubuntu on Netbooks!

So, I've been trying, for the past month or so, to get Ubuntu running on my two netbooks.  I can run Ubuntu 8.10 on my XO (done with instructions found here: ) but my eee was being a bit harder.  I had somehow, months ago, managed to get a live CD of Xubuntu 7.10 installed onto an SD card.  The thing is, I couldn't get it to install onto another SD card--it just never worked.  Somewhere along the line I managed to get the SD card to think it wasn't a live CD anymore and suddenly I could write to it as though it had been properly installed.  Don't ask me how.  Somewhere around this point I discovered that I could no longer boot into XP.  The eee is my only XP machine and I need the XP part to keep running for various reasons.

However, at that moment, I decided to concentrate on Ubuntu since at least it was running.  I decided to upgrade to 8.04--of course, when I did, I discovered that I had lost my wifi driver.  Rather than trying to learn how to install the driver myself, I decided to stick to what I knew--now I really needed my XP boot again.  After a LOT of digging I learned it was the MBR, the Master Boot Record, that had been rewritten by Ubuntu.  It looked at the boot-device order I had set up in the eee's BIOS and got confused as to where Ubuntu was supposed to be installed.  So, it over wrote the part where the MBR tells the BIOS what OS to load off of which drive and where to look for which OS (yeah, it's confusing).  After even more digging, I found a post at (here: ) that explains it how to fix it with ease this way:

When I install Ubuntu 8.10 on a USB HD, it messes up my MBR. You can fix this directly from the Ubuntu terminal. You do not need to use the live CD if your Ubuntu system starts.

You need to install a little program called ms-sys. It will rewrite your Master boot record ( The ms-sys package you get directly from their site does not install on newer version of Ubuntu (apt-get install ms-sys). You will need to use the debian package

Once ms-sys is installed, you need to figure out on which partition is located Windows

   sudo fdisk-l

this will list the hard drives installed. You are looking for a line with NTFS as system. Something like:

   /dev/sda1 1 9327 74919096 83 NTFS

You need to replace /dev/sda in the following command line with your device Boot (without the number)

   sudo ms-sys -m /dev/sda

that's it! You can refer to the following page for more information:

This was the easiest part of this entire process.  This post really made it simple for me.  Hopefully, if you're having the same trouble, it will work this easily for you, too.

At this point, I've largely given up on running Ubuntu on my eee from an SD card.  The eee refuses to see any recently installed live USB stick.  Or maybe it's grub that refuses to see it?  Not sure.  Regardless, I've spent a long time getting it to work and it doesn't work yet, so I'll pass for now.  I may buy an external optical drive and try again, but I'm not sure how soon that will be.

If you have any questions about this or need help installing Ubuntu, check out or try IMing me or finding me on Twitter--or post a comment.  I can't promise anything, but I might be able to help.

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Buy it!

Watch it now!
Positive Experience/Entertaining? It was certainly entertaining, but once you go deeper than the surface, you realize that this film is all glitz and no guts.

Technically any good? The acting was generally solid (though Jodie Foster's choices were strong but boring--aka she was an almost over-the-top, predictable mean person rather than a real character who happened to be unlikable). The film is shot beautifully--the music is good, but there's too much of it. The most sad thing here, however, is the script. Spike Lee is a very good filmmaker so he makes you forget how nonsensical the script is. Sure, the film seems to hold together until you start thinking about how NOT perfect this supposedly perfect crime is. The fact of the matter is that the basic premise of the film falls apart the moment you begin to examine it.

Also, don't expect any positive female characters in this film. You're either an obedient sex pot, a bitch or a bland background character, if you're a woman in this film.

How did it leave me feeling? Very "meh." It was clearly trying to do some some sort of modern film noir, but it was just too complicated and messy to work as a noir (especially since it doesn't really work as anything else--of course, that doesn't stop it from being entertaining on a basic level).

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See. It was a nice first attempt for Spike Lee to do a non-racially motivated/charged film, but with a better script, I think Lee's capable of a much better movie. And ditch the "Spike Cam" (or as I like to call it now: "Segway Cam") it just knocks you right out of the damn movie--like a sledge hammer it knocks you out of the movie.

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@Bloglue thanks, man--going to...

@Bloglue thanks, man--going to still try eeebuntu, but having trouble making a USB stick. With XP back, I'll try there instead of in OSX.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me in my Hucklebug '08 shirt! Sweet!

So, for Christmas, I got myself some t-shirts :) Here's one of them.

It's a Hucklebug '08 shirt from the fine folks at! If

you're not listening to their podcast your missing some funny stuff!

Check it out!

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Climate Change Cartoon Explains the Really Really Bad Stuff

Yeah, yeah, I know--it's ANOTHER explanation of global warming/climate change and you've heard it all before, right? Well, no, I don't think you've heard everything this 'toon has to tell you. Basically, up to this point, the message is that CC and GW are just going to effect the weather patterns. Maybe a few people have talked about how it'll make finding water harder, but this goes far beyond--it talks about the tipping point--the point at which everything will get exponentially worse regardless of what we do. The changes that occur may very well be a much faster change than most folks have been predicting. This cartoon also goes into the socio-economic issues that would result from CC and GW. As in: what people will do in order to survive (like kill each other for drinkable water). Finally, this film also goes into the role corporations and government have in causing all of this. The drive for money is what is holding us back, according to the filmmaker and I agree with him.

But enough of my blabbing, check out the cartoon and make up your own mind. Just don't stop watching because you know everything in the beginning--give it a few minutes to get to the new stuff. Trust me!

Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip from Leo Murray on Vimeo.

Please share this video. You never know, it just might make a difference!

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Buy it!

Watch it now on Amazon!
DL for free at A
Positive Experience/Entertaining? Not really--I suppose it was fine for a background movie, but the story was so cliche, even for its time.

Technically any good? It was reasonably acted, but this movie treads upon well traveled ground. Some of the makeup FX are good, but generally, this is just your standard "Jekyl and Hyde" story mixed in with a love triangle between a mad(ish) scientist, his dedicated (if amoral) assistant and a hot blonde. Some of the set pieces were nice. Sadly, even for a bad B-movie, the script was almost completely forgettable.

How did it leave me feeling? Meh. Like I said, this is just like a half-dozen other "J&H" stories that have been "borrowed" for scripts of other bad movies. I think MST3K did three or four of them (at least) with almost the exact same plot structure (LEACH WOMAN comes to mind the quickest).

Final Rating? DNS - Do Not See - unless you happen to be jonesing for a bad b-movie to quip to, MST3K-style, this movie isn't worth bothering with.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

SESSION 9 (2001)

Buy this now from Amazon
Positive Experience/Entertaining? Definitely--this movie does a great job with atmosphere and mood. If creepy is what you're after, this is it.

Technically any good? I think this film is technically very good. That is to say, the cinematography, acting, editing, pacing are all spot-on. Sadly, I felt the script was lacking. While the general throughline made basic sense, the finer details were messy and disconnected. The location was amazing, the acting pretty solid and the characters were very well, drawn. But the story just doesn't hold up.

How did it leave me feeling? Like I said, it was definitely entertaining. I just wish the script was tighter and made more literal sense. Not that everything had to be explained--I like a movie that leaves some mystery--but this was less mysterious and more lacking.

Final Rating? NFI - NetFlix It - if you're a connoisseur of creepy or like dark, brooding, atmospheric films, don't miss it. I'd love to see this premise remade with a better script, or at the very least, I'd love to see the filmmakers' next movie(s). These guys have immense talent.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Macy's Encourages Letters to Non-Existent Fat Men

The irony is that, when she doesn't get what she asked for, that

little girl will learn how to make a letter bomb on the Internet and

next year Santa will get more than cookies and milk.

Yes, "Believe" because it's important we teach our kids to have trust

in things that don't really exist. You know, like WMD in Iraq, or


Say... just where are our presents for trusting the USG? Santa didn't

bring them this year!

I just hope our kids are paying attention.

Kids: Don't be a good boy or girl because it's the right thing to do,


And try not to be too disappointed when the shitty economy stops

"Santa" from once again getting you what you really want.

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McDonald's on the Kids Floor at Macy's in NYC

Let's see... Infants/toddlers, boys, girls, children's shoes,


Well done, Macy's! Stick the unhealthy fast-food RIGHT next to the

sections of your store that little kids will be in.

I wish there was an emoticon for the SLOW CLAP.

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$100 full-size sheets at Target

$100 full-size sheets at Target, originally uploaded by thepetecom.

I'm pretty sure this was a mistake on the part of some Target store

employee. Then again, after seeing that $20 price tag on a 2.5 ounce

bottle of "Hummer" brand cologne, anything's possible...

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Hummer Cologne for Men--Just $20 at Target!

Spied this at the Target last week and was a bit surprised to see it.

Yes, my fellow men, we can now drop TWENTY BUCKS on 2.5 OUNCES of

cologne just so we can smell like a giant, gas-guzzling, wastefully-

big, tiny-penis-compensating SUV.

Sweet, sweet capitalism!

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Crazy old wooden escalators at Macy's in NYC

The wife and I have visited the Macy's on 34th street a couple of

times in the past week and both times I found their (practically)

ancient wooden escalators fascinating. They feel different underneath

your feet (they've got rounded edges) and they even sound different

from the all-metal escalators we're all used to (hollow wood resonates

better than hollow steel, I think).

New York City is a study in time travel. Some areas reflect the

latest in everything. Meanwhile, places like Macy's keep "technology"

over half-a-century-old around when they could have easily updated it.

That's kinda cool in my humble opinion.

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Somewhere along this journey m...

Somewhere along this journey my instalation attempts killing my factory install of XP. Sure no big loss but my 3e won't recognize my backup!

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Learning Japanese with Doremon and the DS!

Click here to download: (4981 KB)

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In case you missed it, free ad...

In case you missed it, free adult diapers on Craigslist: (

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Friday, January 09, 2009

OK, cool--just did a couple mo...

OK, cool--just did a couple more pages--just a few down from my goal. Now it's time for some Katamari on my iPhone and then sleep. YAY!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

$1.2 TRILLION Deficit! Well-done, Politicians! Oh, it's not just Bush's fault!

Yep, the US government's budget deficit is $1,200,000,000,000!! And
Congress is said to find that number "jaw-dropping."
I'm pretty sure this would be the case for ANYone who understood what
kind of money that is.
First off, in case you're fuzzy on it, the budget deficit is the
difference between the amount of money a body has and the amount it
wants to spend. Yep--the USG wants to spend $1.2 tril more than
they've got--that being a "surprise" to Congress, really gives us an
idea of how much they've got!
The main thing to consider is just how absurd it is that Congress
finds this jaw-dropping. Why is this so shocking to them? Where have
they been all of this time? Have they not been paying attention to
things like this? Seriously:
Just who the hell is minding the store down there in Washington??
I don't think it's possible for our government to do anything more to
undermine our confidence in it.
Come on--how do you not see a hole so big you could stick $1.2 trillion in it??
You people in DC are absolute idiots. Why do we put up with this
behavior from the people who we've supposedly hired to protect us?
This isn't just a Bush thing, clearly--it's EVERYONE IN WASHINGTON.
I suppose it's too much to ask that you all impeach yourselves, isn't it?

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