Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Al Mancini, My Wife's Acting Teacher, RIP

I should have posted on this earlier today, but I just didn't think about it. Al was my wife's acting teacher for something like 4 years and he really helped her grow and become a better actor. He passed away last night in his sleep, at home, with his family, which was the best place for him to go. I'd heard a lot about him over the years but only managed to meet him in person twice. I was slowly developing a script with a role specifically for him in mind. It wasn't science fiction so it never got a high priority. I'll get to it eventually and it'll still have a role specifically designed for him.

To me, he was that ethnicky guy who shows up from time-to-time in movies and TV shows. Most notably, he was one of the golfers in one of my favorite films Falling Down. Al played the golfer who didn't have the heart attack when Michael Douglas fired a shot gun into their golf cart. He was also in two episodes of one of my favorite cheesy 1970s scifi shows UFO. He was in a lot more, too. You can check out Al's IMDB page to see all of his credits.

Since I didn't know him, I'm going to repost what TheWife said about him in her LJ:
A Master is gone - RIP Al Mancini
11/13/07 11:04 am

Got a call this morning from a former classmate that Al Mancini, the teacher who was instrumental in bringing me into the professional attitude and world of acting, passed away last night. No words can describe this man to the fullest - he was the epitome of the "Larger Than Life" man who went through life in an energetic and fantastically enthusiastic way. Short, Italian, loved women and cigars. Challenged us as actors to bring our own into our scenes, nay even rewrite the scenes. Oh and cook something with garlic in every scene as well. He loved food. Gave out his bruschetta recipe to us. Brought up the energy when it felt down. Pointed out to us that WE have the power to feel positive and energetic, no matter what happened to us during the day. Called my cleavage the "Valley of Indecision". Had the best voice over character demo I've ever heard.

Heard he passed away in his sleep with family in Ohio.

I wrote some quotes in my acting class notebook from Al:
"Who said that art had to be comfortable?"
"You look like I just shot your grandma."
"I want to say something about pants."
"Even when you're dead, we still gotta hear." (on being too quiet on stage)
" they say in Nigerian...Primo."
"You didn't say 'I want my ass to shake here.'"
"It's a hot pissed!"
"Whatever you resist, you become."
"Is this the 'Yellow Brick Road' to the sack?"
"That's the worst excuse I've heard since 1812!"
"Sexual Fuckosity"

And here's Al's recipe for Bruschetta:

Get thick slices of Italian bread - toast 'em
Get a couple really great tomatoes - Smell & touch 'em. 3-4, chopped.
Basil & garlic - mix in
A little onion - not too much, otherwise it destroys it
Olive Oil
Vinegar - just a dash
Let this sit in refrigerator for 2 hours
Pile on toast.
Also can add green peppers, chopped finely.

RIP Al Mancini

Lance Percival, Millicent Martin and Al Mancini (far right) were part of the team that was responsible for the show "That Was the Week That Was," 1963


That was the man that was and will still be in our memories. RIP, Al Mancini.

And it's pronounced "manCHIni." Like the Italians say it.

Orignal From: Al Mancini, My Wife's Acting Teacher, RIP

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